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Welcome to ConQuest

ConQuest Q Series makes learning and using an estimating system easier than ever before. This is one reason why more and more people are making the switch to ConQuest.

ConQuest has by far the largest and most successful main contractor user base of any estimating system. The companies shown above are a small sample of the successful forward thinking companies who have made the move over to ConQuest.

If you are looking for estimating software and valuation software that’s faster, more flexible and easier to use than all the rest, with a proven track record of performance and reliability and offering the highest possible level of after sales service, give us a call.  



Key Characteristics 

 SIMPLE to learn and use.

TRADITIONAL in its procedures and layout

FLEXIBLE enough to allow any pricing style or type of enquiry

RELIABLE Used by thousands of estimators and surveyors over many year



  Key Functionality 


  • Traditional Dim Sheets
  • Fully Integrated on screen take off
  • Comprehensive Libraries for SMM7, SMM6, CESMM3, MMHW
  • Comprehensive Building Composite/Budget pricing library Library
  • Bill production/Builders Quants
  • Import tender documents from Excel, PDF, TXT, CITE
  • Document import service
  • Quick Bill mark up routines
  • Rapid production of trade abstracts on Paper, PDF, Excel, Word
  • Subcontractor and Supplier Database, search by trade, area, performance etc.
  • Tender register
  • Drawings register
  • Mailmerge enquiry letters using Microsoft Word, Outlook, PDF etc
  • Enquiry tracking system
  • Like for like Quotation Comparisons
  • Own rate Versus Subcontract comparisons
  • Auto transfer of selected rates
  • Quotation summary reports
  • Detailed analytical pricing from outputs, constants, productivity or usage
  • Comprehensive & customisable pricing databases
  • Detailed labour, material, plant and subcontractor schedules
  • Resource levelling
  • Contract sum analysis
  • BCIS analysis
  • Fully formatted output to excel with formulas
  • Cost planning and budgeting
  • Links to planning
  • Seamless hand over to surveying
  • Internal-External cumulative valuations
  • Remeasure by item, section, trade, workgroup, contract sum analysis
  • Remeasure by quantity, value percentage complete or take off
  • Variations from job, library or free form
  • Materials on site and Dayworks
  • Cost value reconcilliations linked to any accounts and costing system
  • Comprehensive report generator.





Sample Reports 

  Below are just a few examples of the many hundreds of user definable reports.

Unpriced Bill Of Quantities

Priced Bill Of Quantities

Unpriced Bill with Dimensions (Direct Bill)

Priced Bill with Dimensions (Direct Bill)

Priced Bill With LMPS Split

Priced Bill with LMPS Split and Dimensions

Priced Bill showing Item Rate Build Up

Quotation Summary Report

Job Resource analysis