On Line Enquiries is used by hundreds of Main Contractors & over 100,000 Subcontractors in the construction industry. ConQuest have set the bar very high with this product

Within ConQuest you can upload every document for a project to our secure cloud and the subcontractor can choose to view 'their' documents or all project documents

  • – Fast Creation of trade document packages
  • – Instant creation of trade bills
  • – Instant creation of trade specific tender documents
  • – Full live tracking of enquiries sent
  • – Unlimited cloud storage

Following 3 years of development and a further 2 years of testing, ConQuest released an integrated electronic enquiries system. We wanted to make the whole process of sending enquiries quicker and easier for both main contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. We are on target to have 100,000 subcontractors using this service by the end of 2016.

I save around 3-4 days per tender by using ConQuest On Line, so, if we price 150 tenders per year, this will give approximately 500 man days longer for our supply chain to price the enquiry, half of this time is either by emailing out separate enquiries or copying CD’s, the rest is by not using royal mail thereby taking 1 to 2 days delivery’’.

-David Barbour, Estimating Manager at akp Scotland Ltd

Customers can not speak highly enough of ConQuest Enquires - It is Quick & Easy for everyone involved

It is clear we have created something special

ConQuest customers now have their complete database of subcontractors and suppliers within ConQuest, along with any Invitation to Tender, and associated standard enquiry documents. Once the job has been marked up (either automatically through the library, or, by using clever tools) any number of trade bills can be created in Excel or PDF in a few seconds. The same applies to creating invitation to tender letters containing project and trade specific information.

Traditionally enquires have been sent and received via a huge variety of formats; post, CD, email, Drop Box and many more complicated and long winded systems. Our research showed that it was taking a long time to package and send these enquires and subcontractor and suppliers were becoming frustrated trying to remember passwords, log in details and system structures just to get the information. Often the information was overkill and subcontractors and suppliers spent hours searching through documents for what they needed.

You can then quickly create packages for each trade and send a link to your subcontractors in minutes. The subcontractors and suppliers don’t have to register, they don’t have passwords and they don’t have to pay. One click and they have the documents they need in nice easy sections. All this is done without ever leaving ConQuest.

Via the ConQuest tracking system, contractors can see, in real time, who is looking at the enquiry, who is going to give them a quote and who has declined the invitation to tender. They can quickly filter through the tracking sheet and tag groups of people, who, for example, have not sent a quote, and email them using the integrated email system.