Comparing like for like

The system is capable of handling quotes in whatever way they are presented.

Comparison sheets are created automatically for each trade. The system sets up lists of items for each trade along with the names of the companies to which the enquiry was sent. Non respondents can be deleted and unsolicited quotes added.  Whether items have been individually rated priced as page totals only or lump sums. There are facilities for included and declined items. Missing rates can be plugged with lowest, highest, average rates or with your own analytical rate directly from the bill if you have priced it. You can add on for attendances, prelims number of visits etc. The system also copes with main contractors discount, fixed price terms and any other conceivable difference. Once you are happy that you have compared as close to like for like as possible, the system will rank the quotes, lowest first. You then choose the one you want to use and the system will update the bill automatically. If you have already priced the items in question yourself the system will ask which elements of your own analytical build up you want to replace, labour only, labour and plant or any other combination. If a preferable late quote arrives the system will swap one for the other in an instant.

Screen shot

Final Adjustments

There are many facilities in ConQuest which will help you to manipulate your net estimate to produce a final tender. Resource levelling allows you to adjust total resource quantities to take account of minimum hire periods, non productive time, wastage, buying quantities etc. Lump sum and percentage adjustments can be made item by item, over ranges of items pages or sections. The target price facility allows you to spread money around the job by reducing some rates whilst increasing others. Global adjustments can be made for overheads and profit. In addition it is possible to link ConQuest to an adjudication sheet created to your specification in Excel.