Thanks to everyone who attended the conferences. They were very useful from our product design point of view and a great opportunity to meet with ConQuest users old and new. We will be running more conferences in Ireland in September. For those unable to attend below are some of the topics discussed.

New features in the upcoming version 2.4 (Available 6-8 Weeks)

  • 2D take off improvements
  • Support for open GL 2.0 and Direct 3D 9.0c
  • New range facilities for quantities, units and Build-ups
  • New and improved excel exports
  • New On-line enquiry features
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Preview and discussion of new features in the upcoming version 3.0

  • Snapshot function which restores your project to a previous state
  • Multi user subcontractor comparisons
  • Comparison Notes
  • Discussion of planned comparison features
  • ConQuest BIM
  • BIM data from external sources
  • Q-Sheet. The ability to display excel sheets within a ConQuest panel and link cell values between excel and ConQuest.
    • Integrating your Prelim Workbooks
    • Output calculations,
    • Labour and plant rate build-ups
    • Manhole and drainage calculations.


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Preview of new Q-Desk for Subcontractors 

  • Database of all enquiries received from ConQuest On Line enquiries
  • Adding enquiries from other sources
  • Enquiry Tracking
  • Direct responses via the ConQuest Cloud
  • Built in Email
  • Built in on line storage
  • Enquiry analysis
  • Linking the ConQuest estimating Community as it approaches 100,000 users


The 2016 events were held in Glasgow, Leeds, Solihull, Reading & Euston with Belfast & Dublin taking place in September 2016!


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