Having an Industry expert with you for the day who knows the ConQuest system inside out is invaluable.

ConQuest offer consultancy services in order to ensure the system is being utilised to its full potential. This consultancy is often in the form of library based consultancy or to work through specific challenges a particular business may have.

Over the last 20 years ConQuest has created the most comprehensive pricing libraries available in the UK, these are supplied to and then managed by our customers. However, many of our customers are specialist contractors and therefore require complex libraries which we help create. We have created many of these over the years for companies in Landscaping, Plant Hire, Cladding, RC Frames, Form work, Manufacturing, Marine and many more.

If you would like further information on the ConQuest System including library consultancy please contact us.

We also recommend to all our customers that they keep staff up to date with the latest ConQuest features. We understand it is easy to slip into habits and become attached to doing things in a particular way just to get them done. Often this can be the long way round.

It is a good idea to have a ConQuest consultant work with you in the first year of using the software (After training at ConQuest Training Centre and each year or two there after) to make sure you are using it properly and getting the most from it. We often speak to people for a few minutes and tell them something that could have saved them hours on every tender! This is frustrating if they have been a user for 10 years!