''The ConQuest library consists of millions of priced items, tried and tested by the majority of the industry''

Analytical Estimating

Analytical estimating in ConQuest’s estimating software has become more and more simple and straight forward over the years. Even the most complex bill items can easily be priced using a whole range of pricing techniques. Flexibility is the key, each estimator is likely to approach the pricing of the same item in a different way. Some work with outputs, some with constants and some will work out a total and divide by the bill quantity. You can even type in the rate you want and ConQuest will calculate the outputs and constants for you. For some trades you may wish to price items yourself as well as sending out for subcontract prices, deciding which rate to use later on. All of these methods and more are available within ConQuest. More importantly they are all clearly laid out in English since ConQuest does not use any coding. Complete item build ups are displayed on the screen with clear sub headings for composite items. It is quite possible for one item in a bill or specification to be priced with a dozen or more activities from your library.

"There is nothing else that you can compare it with, in terms of ease of use and the stuff it can actually cover"

I wouldn’t like to go anywhere else that uses anything else. The comfort in knowing that what you have works is a big factor’’.

-Peter Latham (Senior Estimator) – Eric Wright Group

Detailed Resource Analysis

At any stage of a tender ConQuest can instantly generate a detailed resource analysis. This will show labour, material, plant and subcontractor schedules with quantities, rates and totals. Materials are further analysed to show wastage, compaction and other factors. Most systems will produce a similar analysis, but with ConQuest many other forms of analysis are possible. Unlimited contract sum analysis and detailed resource analyses are easily obtained using activity scheduling facilities. Items in a bill can be allocated to an activity, this can be done individually or over ranges of items, page by page or section by section. Once this is done ConQuest can produce bill summaries which match the activities set by the user.  This facility also allows the estimator to switch effortlessly between elemental and trade pricing.  Activity scheduling also facilitates the formatting of resource analysis to match programming. What’s more the ConQuest Link module will create an export file which can be sent to your chosen project management software


The ConQuest libraries are unique in the industry, both in their size and ease of use

The ConQuest suite of libraries include SMM7, CESM, Roads & Bridges and our New Rules of Measurement Library ‘QLIB’ which is based on NRM2 with composite items for cost planning based on NRM1.

The libraries are massively comprehensive and contain millions of priced items. ConQuest constants and outputs are trusted by the estimating community and have been refined over many years.

The way in which they work is also unique, the set up allows you to find what you want quickly and mark the job up as you create each item to save time. Users are still able to adjust or change the rates and the build up to suit the current project.

As well as the main ConQuest Libraries each estimator is supplied with an additional library for keeping detailed composite build ups. We supply thousands of these as standard which can be amended quickly. These complicated build ups can be loaded into any part of any job in a few clicks, they link directly through to your main library of rates so even something you did 5 years ago can be pulled through at current rates. Composite items can have up to 2000 resources