Noticeboard is the on line construction leads service helping Subcontractors & Suppliers find more work.

If you are a subcontractor or supplier who wants to work for more contractors you are in the right place. Thousands of projects are being priced by estimators, surveyors and buyers on the ConQuest estimating system right now. You can search for them through the ConQuest Noticeboard. Millions of pounds worth of projects are added every day. All contacts are 100% Accurate


Noticeboard reaches over £4 Billion of live construction projects!


Hundreds of Main Contractors, New Projects Every Day!




“The ConQuest Noticeboard has proved to be a great tool in aiding us to find and secure work. The system is clear and easy to use. The addition of the comments box on the bidding page is really useful for companies like ourselves, who have specialised products within a broader field, and allows us to clearly state what we can offer to prospective clients.” SOPHIE – Cibes Lift Group


“ConQuest Noticeboard has added a new avenue for gaining tenders to our company, its usability along with a great selection of projects makes it one of the best online tools for securing contracts. Not only does ConQuest Noticeboard help secure work, it’s file sharing system is quick and easy to use, which is perfect for a subcontractor like ourselves.” LLOYD- WJ Structures



70% of Main Contractors are linked to the Noticeboard.



Noticeboard provides contract information for Guaranteed Live Projects.


Noticeboard links you directly to thousands of Estimators, Surveyors and Buyers working on live projects today.


No email or telephone canvassing, you can search for work by, Contract Status, Trade, Area and Value