A complete range of training courses designed to help you hit the ground running

The ConQuest range of training courses cover everything needed to hit the ground running. All aspects of estimating, taking off & post contract valuations are covered.

Most users will use a wide range of features within the system & attend the appropriate courses for them. Some users may just require a one-day course for the part of ConQuest matched to their specific job role.

The below information outlines the courses available & what they cover. Generally, ‘Bill Creation’ & ‘Estimating’ are ran back to back and often followed by an ‘On Line Enquiries & Comparisons’ course or a ConQuest ‘On Screen Take Off’ course. We also offer specific consultancy for specialised topics such as library creation or take off model mapping from 3D & BIM models.

Our courses are designed for people who have already familiarised themselves with the ConQuest system prior to the course. You will already have spent some time learning the fundamentals and will now have in-depth questions about how to relate the system to your specific needs in order to perform tasks faster.


Q-Series Bill Creation

This course is a great starting point. Designed to cover everything involved in creating projects in ConQuest. You will first learn how to personalise your ConQuest layout, enter details into the project register and how to create a project / bill summary. A large portion of the course will focus on taking off descriptions from the libraries to create a pricing document & copying items from other projects or using templates as a starting point.


  • System Layouts & Options
  • Taking Off from Libraries
  • Copying Items from Previous Projects & Templates
  • Creating Favourite stored & composite items
  • Q-Dims Sheet Tips
  • Codes & Flags


Q-Series Estimating

Our core estimating course is a must for the majority of ConQuest users. Certainly, anyone with the title ‘estimator’. The course will quickly re-cover setting up projects & bill summaries and the very basics of importing an excel document but the main focus of the day will be getting the most from the estimating module & utilising the many clever features to form the core elements of your project.


  • Basic Bill Import & Bill Summary Creation
  • Customising Pricing Layouts
  • Library Matching Resources
  • Searching / Marking Up / Adjustments
  • Constants / Outputs / Gangs / Materials
  • Tender Adjudication
  • Project Reporting & Analysis



On Line Enquiries & Comparisons

Creating trade packages & getting the correct documents to your supply chain quickly is the first priority of this course. Secondly you will learn how to use the ConQuest comparison sheet to compare, analyse & adjust each quote that has been returned before deciding which subcontractor or supplier will be entered into the core project or estimate. The course will cover everything from creating enquiry letters to chasing responses through the specially designed enquiry tracking sheet.


  • Create Trade Packages – Drawings / Trade Abstracts
  • Bespoke Trade Letter Creation
  • Subcontractor & Supplier Database
  • Drawing Revisions & Amendments
  • Pasting Rates into ConQuest
  • Comparing Subcontractor & Supplier Quotations



On Screen Take Off

The On Screen Take Off course is a technical course that requires users to learn quick keys & clever tricks to manipulate how you view your drawings & extract quantities. It covers CAD & PDF take off, drawing structures & layers, revisions & change detection as well as how to transfer quickly acquired Dims into a project


  • Obtaining multiple dimensions from one measurement
  • Polyline take off using Vector Information
  • Measuring Negative Dimensions
  • Counts / Lengths / Areas
  • Calibrating Rasta Files
  • How to get the best measures from a bad drawing (tips)
  • How to use Q Dim Pad with On Screen Take Off measurements



Data Import

Importing standard BoQs into ConQuest is straight forward if you know the rules. Unfortunately, not all Excel BoQs are standard and not all pricing documents are received in Excel. This course focuses on manipulating irregular & sometimes complicated file formats & structures.


  • How to extract information from a read only PDF
  • How to edit a .txt file
  • How to create and use Ultra Edit Macros
  • How to import a .txt file
  • How to format an excel file
  • How to utilise Re Referencing
  • How to convert an Excel file into a .txt file
  • How to import a .ebq file



Valuations & Surveying - 2 Days Course

This two day course covers everything needed post contract. Quantity Surveyors & Commercial teams learn how to continue the project within ConQuest utilising all the information that has been gathered & created during the initial or tendering stages. This information relates to subcontractor packages sent & quotes received, LPM analysis and reports, Cost Coded budgets & time forecasts for programmes.

Surveyors learn how to re-package projects, send and compare enquiries, measure projects, create variations & run cost value reconciliation reports.


  • Using pre-contract project information
  • Measuring individual items by percentage or quantity
  • Internal and External Valuations
  • General ConQuest functions – Search / Range / Mark Up / Pricing
  • Codes – Valuation / Activity / Cost
  • How to clearly show None Recoverable items
  • How to re resource a project to set up new trade packages
  • Subcontractor & Supplier comparisons
  • Reporting
  • How to create a CVR



Library Consultancy

The ConQuest library is vast. The sections relate to many trades & extends to millions of priced items & descriptions. Some users require the ability to make major adjustments to the library or to even create a new library to suit a specific way of pricing or a specialist subcontract trade that is not covered within the standard libraries.

Over the years ConQuest has worked with companies to create & edit libraries for many specialist trades. A library consultancy day delves deep into creating bespoke library item descriptions to match your profession and then matching associated LPM & Gangs with the correct constants/output & rates.

The day is designed to give you the technical knowledge of how to create & manage libraries effectively.







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”All the surveyors that have visited ConQuest for the Bill Creation and Take Off training courses have found them to be extremely interesting and very useful for their day to day activities.  Training that is current and relevant to our services and projects is vital to”