Q Series Estimating Course

This course has been split into four separate days allowing the delegate to select the best combination of courses dependant on their company practices and job profile.

Q SERIES Data import course

Everything you need to know on importing bills of quantities and specifications into ConQuest.  Whether manipulating electronic documents (Excel, PDF, TXT, CITE) or using a scanner and OCR to input from paper documents.

Q Series Bill Creation & Taking Off Course

This course is for those who are involved in creating projects from scratch and covers setting up the projects register, creating bill summaries, adding, inserting and deleting items as well as taking off and bill production.

Q Series Estimator’s Course

The knowledge gained on this course will equip you with the basic skills required to get the most out of Estimating.  You will learn about first principal pricing, resource types, adjusting resources, library matching, composite items, stored items, adjustments and print routines.

Q Series Comparisons & Online Enquiries Course

This course covers the Online Enquiry generation process to the ConQuest Vault which progresses to the creation of the comparisons for the job.  You will be shown the process for infilling comparisons and adding adjustments and attendances through to updating the project with the selected comparison. It will also cover the interaction of composite items with comparisons.

These courses are designed to be approximately 75% hands on and 25% lecture.


Q Series Surveyor's Course

This two day course is an essential course for all surveyors.  The knowlege gained on this course will equip you with the basic tools required to get the most out of ConQuest Valuations.  You will learn about system set up, internal/external valuations, variations, materials on site, using ConQuest with Excel and much more.  The second day of the course is very much hands on.  You will be guided step by step as you put into practice all aspects of the course covered on day one.

Q Series On Screen Take Off

This course covers measurement from a variety of electronic drawing formats including CAD & PDF.  The initialisation of measurements in ConQuest projects and the comparison and control of drawing revisions.

Q Series Cost Planning

Every job you have ever priced on ConQuest is a valuable source of realistic historical information.  This one day course shows how, using the cost planning module, you can use this information to generate cost plans for future projects.

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”All the surveyors that have visited ConQuest for the Bill Creation and Take Off training courses have found them to be extremely interesting and very useful for their day to day activities.  Training that is current and relevant to our services and projects is vital to”