Chris Foote from Howard Civil Engineering was massively involved in creating a specialist library within ConQuest. Chris is pricing jobs worth between £500,000 and £21million and he couldn’t stress enough the speed at which he can now price and the confidence ConQuest gives him:

We decided to implement ConQuest and to have one of your guys come and do some library Consultancy at our office. It took a bit of work to tailor it to our exact needs, putting in our own manufacturers and products etc. but it was really worth it. Now it is done, it is easy to maintain and we can price really fast and really accurately.

We asked just how fast?

We can price 2 to 3 jobs a week using ConQuest.

The jobs we are pricing are up to £10 million each. Not only can we price them quickly but we have masses of confidence in the final figures. The science behind it is unquestionable. It is absolutely fantastic to be able to sit in a meeting and be able to answer any question a client might have about the tender.

Howard Civil Engineering also use a separate Project management system, as ConQuest will link/export data to nearly any external software it can be really helpful even after the job is won:

One click in ConQuest and it creates a programme using the activity codes which we choose in ConQuest. It’s great for site and project managers.