View & Measure from 2D CAD & PDF drawings, view measures in 3D or Measure/Import Directly from 3D drawings & BIM Models

This fully integrated module gives the user the ability to measure regular and curved areas, lengths, objects and perimeters from a variety of electronic drawing formats including CAD, PDF and JPEG. Where necessary, drawings can be re-calibrated to compensate for any distortion that may have taken place

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ConQuest has spent a significant amount of development time integrating the measuring tools into the core estimating module. This ensures that work is not duplicated and time is not lost unnecessarily. Users no longer have to take off hundreds of measurements only to have to export them to excel and then re-enter them back into the estimating system. As you take off from a drawing in ConQuest the measurements appear instantly in a specially designed window next to your Bill or Dim Pad. A quick click and they are in the job.




View what you have measured in a multitude of colours. Measures directly integrate into any project

Measure your drawings with ConQuest

"Measuring is changing. We are seeing more and more methods of file sharing through cloud based software, it is no longer a problem to send huge drawings and open them electronically, more and more are coming through containing useful Vector information."

ConQuest Software & the BIM process

ConQuest customers have the choice of both 2D & 3D take off software. The 3D software will extract a huge range of quantities from a range of Models as well as being able to turn off different layers and pan around the model to view or directly measure the necessary area or shape.

  • Extract Quantities from a wide range of 3D & BIM files
  • Isolate parts of the model easily using the model tree
  • Automatically extract quantities from a model in seconds
  • Create model maps to extract customised data
  • Review detailed information related to the model in the schedule
  • Add additional information into models where needed such as coding and calculated quantities
  • Use drawing sets so measured 3D dimensions show on associated 2D drawings
  • When a model is revised, compare revisions to see where changes have occurred
  • Automatically update quantities when a revised model is received


We also appreciate that our customers maybe required to use a range of different tools when working on projects incorporating BIM. ConQuest allows measurements extracted from a most 3D & BIM systems to be imported directly into the Estimating system.


  • ConQuest allows for the set up of 10 custom fields which can be changed at Global and Project level
  • Users can drag and drop any quantity from the measurement tree into the Estimating view window
  • External BIM to Bill Item History view window which shows all instances of when a measurement was taken from the measurement tree and placed into the Estimating view window